Anna Choir at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Shchyolkovo, Moscow Region
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"Anna" is a youth choir, founded in 1991 at Holy Trinity Cathedral, the main church of Shchyolkovo (Moscow region). The main activity is participation in Ortodox liturgies. Besides servicing in the church, the choir takes active part in the cultural life of region, including concerts in hospitals, schools, military units etc. Collective consists of 16 persons.

The choir repertoir is Russian spirital music, folk songs, peices in English and German languages.

The choir is directed by Anna A. Medvedeva - a graduate of the Ippolitov-Ivanov Moscow State Pedagogical Institute.

  • Since 1993 the choir has regularly been visiting Germany with concerts arranging and dealing with international choir exhange, receiving foreign choirs. It was in Germany that the choir got it's name "Anna" by the name of it's director.
  • In 1996 the choir was marked with diploma on the 1-st international festival of children's art creativity "Principal church of my city".
  • In April 1999 the chorus became the winner of "Orthodox Russia" competition at the region festival of vocal-choral art "Sonorous voices".
  • In November 1999 the chorus won the 3-rd place on Moscow region festival of spirital music in Krasnogorsk (Moscow region).
  • In May 2000 the collective was marked with diploma of the international choral festival "Days of slavonic writing and cultures".
  • In September 2000 the choir became the first one which was invited to participate in the popular Russian program of the central TV - "Morning Star".
  • In July 2001 the choir was invited to represent it's region on the Moscow World Choral Youth Congress where it was marked with diploma.
  • On 18 October 2001 the choir recordings (from the CD "Russian spiritual music") and the interview to the director were being broadcast on the Christian church-public radio channel (orthodox radio "Sofia") in the program of Vladinir Kovaldzhi "On a kliros".
  • The choir has made several recordings. The last one - in January 2005.
  • In June 2004, the choir took part in the International Festival of Orthodox Music "THEOTOKOS - IT IS TRULY MEET" in Bulgaria

  • In June 2005 the choir took part at the second time in the International festival of Orthodox mucis "The OTOKOS - IT IS TRULY MEET, Bulgaria, where the choirmaster and the choir was awarded with two diplomas - for popularisation of orthodox music and for high perfomance level.

  • On 19 July 2005 the choir was awarded with medal of Patriarchy Aleksiy II.

  • In June 2006 "Anna" choir took part at the III International festival of Orthodox mucis "The OTOKOS - IT IS TRULY MEET, Bulgaria again. The choir was the only Russian church choir who took part in all three festivals 2004-2006. The choir was awarded with diploma "For popularisation of orthodox music" by Slivenskiy metropolitan Ioanikiy.

  • On the 90-th anniversary of the Holy Trinity Cathedral - 03 December 2006 - "Anna" church choir was awarded with memorable medal.
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